three months with charlie.


I know everyone says it, but when you have a child DON’T BLINK! I swear, just yesterday we brought Charlie home from the hospital, and today he’s doing big boy things like holding his head up on his own and moving up to size 2 diapers! Does he even need me anymore? Charlie is just the sweetest baby you guys. He has the happiest little personality. A couple weeks ago, he started laughing these great big belly laughs and he has a crooked, squinty-eye smile just like his mama. I feel like it’s my mission in life to get a laugh out of him every day now. I’ve found his tickle spot in his little armpits, and Mike has this chomping move that gets him every time.

He seems like such an aware, wise little person lately. I keep pulling out our box of baby toys to see if he’s interested yet, and I swear he looks at me like, “Why are you trying to make me play with these baby toys? So beneath me. Read me a book instead, Mom.” He’s just really soaking everything in like a sponge right now. Our next project is rolling over, and *fingers and toes crossed* sleeping through the night.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, of course. I’ve become a working mom this month, and it’s so tough you guys. I’m back at school full time doing my Elementary School Librarian thing though my heart isn’t quite in it. I have total mommy guilt at leaving Charlie at daycare every day. I just know that he would be getting the absolute best care if I were home with him, but like so many people, both of us working is the best option for us right now. Mike has to talk me down every night while we’re getting dinner ready. Classic first-time mom here – worrying about everything!

It’s not that the daycare is bad. Charlie’s getting what he needs – food, sleep, diapers. We get to check in on him on video from work (I watch while I’m pumping, hehe), and Charlie is a happy little dude when I pick him up after school. They tell me what a good baby he is every day. But I think as a parent you just want your baby to be loved on as much as you would love on him, and of course that just doesn’t happen and you can’t really expect it at daycare. With a bunch of other kids running around, he’s not getting a ton of extras – especially because he’s not much of a crier and not moving around yet like the other kids.

Just the nature of being separated from your tiny baby who you love more than anything for 8 hours every day is so tough. It just means that we make sure to love on him that much more when we get home from work every day. We just keep telling each other that it’s going to be so much better once he’s more mobile. The socialization, routine and activity of daycare will be a really good thing for him then. And those days are going to be here before we know it! This parenting thing though – so not straightforward, and I admit, no one said it would be easy. But! Spring break is coming! And Summer! Ah, the life of a teacher. Always having a break to look forward to is such a luxury!

He’s just the best little guy though. Happy 3 months, Charlie!  You are so loved!