the friday post – vol. 6

My spring break with Charlie went by far too fast. Between naps, feedings, garden projects and the hunt for a new couch I feel like it just slipped right through my fingers. Now Monday is staring me in the face by the distance of just a couple days. I feel like mike worked extra long and hard this week so I’m at least looking forward to a sweet weekend with my favorite man.

The week marked the first of spring although it’s felt like spring all winter here. Spring to us in Florida just means that the unbearably hot, “must be at the beach or in a/c, eating watermelon and burgers every day while swatting mosquitos” kind of weather is almost upon us. Last summer, while growing bigger by the day in pregnancy, I spent lots of daytime hours on the couch in the air conditioning. I think that having Charlie around will get us outdoors to the park, to the beach and to our yard way more. I’m on the hunt for some new breezy outfits to get me through the summer months.

I just started listening to The Shack on audiobook this week. It feels like an appropriate listen as lent comes to an end. It’s about a man whose young daughter was abducted and years later he spends a weekend at a shack with God. I’m only in the first parts so far but it’s making me think a lot.

Mike’s parents are set to arrive next week for their spring break so I’m in a flurry of cleanup this weekend. Dusting, mopping, sweeping, sheet washing, weeding, cookie baking, etc. It’s such a refreshing feeling when it’s all done. My garden project turned out beautifully this week. Making the front look so nice makes the rest of the yard look like it’s needs a good once over now too. Never ending projects!

What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun? Happy Friday all! Enjoy your weekends!!

the friday post – vol. 5

c5113b95-942c-427b-b933-8a54cea82d86Oh me, oh my! It’s Friday! Hooray! It’s a very special Friday for me because it’s the Friday that officially begins SPRING BREAK! We’ve had a whirlwind of a few weeks with an unexpected trip to Pittsburgh for a funeral (Mike’s grandpa), the stomach flu for Charlie, and I don’t even know what else. So I’m playing a little bit of catch up here on this little old spot on the inter webs .


Our weather has been absolutely divine the last few weeks. The air is crisp in the morning and in the evenings, but still warm enough to hit the beach during the day. We have been loving it. Spending as much time outside as we can. The trip up to Pittsburgh (brr) made us a little more thankful for our weather, so we’ve been taking serious advantage. Not to mention daylight savings! That extra bit of sun just really makes a difference for walks after dinner and back porch hangs.


Charlie’s going to be 5 months old next week which is hard to believe. He has such a fun little smiley personality. We lucked out. He’s started solids now (loves avocado, isn’t sure about sweet potato) which is such a fun adventure. Still going strong on nursing too! I’m making all our baby food which I LOVE. Totally my kind of thing.

March madness has started so I’m sure I’ll be doing lots of reading the next few weeks. I’ve started getting ebooks on my phone which has really upped my book intake! I can read a book on my phone while nursing, pumping, holding Charlie much easier than a real book. I’ll always prefer the print version, but these days it’s just nice to be able to read one way or another.

We don’t have any concrete plans for spring break! I’m taking a test for my teacher certification on Wednesday, planning on deep cleaning a few rooms in the house, a couple beach trips, getting a passport for Charlie, and a whole lot of happy hours. Perfection. Why go anywhere when we live in a spring break destination anyway? Happy Friday all! Enjoy your weekends!

the friday post – vol. 4

Happy Friday, friends! This week was a short one for us. Last night we drove over to Bradenton on the gulf side to visit friends from college for the weekend. Their baby is two months older than Charlie, so we had a meeting of the babies this morning when they both got up. It’s been such a fun weekend to look forward to, and I love thinking about raising these boys at the same time. Two months is such a big difference when they’re this little! Next year no one will even be able to tell who is older. Little friends from bump to birth! Mike has a few meetings over here today which is the real reason for our visit. We’re heading home on Saturday, so we’ll still have time to do all those weekend essentials on Sunday before the week begins again.

This week flew by. Valentine’s Day came and went with a bang. I swear it seems like Valentine’s Day is a bigger deal than Christmas at my elementary school. So many cupcakes, chocolate and talk of crushes and notes of friendship passed between boys and girls. There was even a plot for a fifth grade boy and girl to hold hands in gym class, but those plans were intercepted before they happened, thank goodness! We made a pasta bake at home on Tuesday paired it with a little glass of wine, Samoas, and the newest episode of The Bachelor. Call me simple, but nothing could beat that in my book.

Charlie’s started blowing raspberries like crazy this week. He’s like a constantly running open faucet now. He goes through a couple outfits a day now from being soaked through with saliva. In rolling news – When we lay him on his back on the ground now, he almost immediately flips to his tummy but hasn’t quite figured out how to get back to his back. When he gets tired he just puts his head down and sucks on his hand.

There’s a new girl at daycare this week who is a week younger than Charlie. The daycare ladies are so funny about it. They’ve made up this whole story about Charlie and Lucia being boyfriend and girlfriend. One lady told me when I picked him up yesterday that Charlie was trying to hold Lucia’s hand, but she wasn’t interested and that the day before that she was trying to hold his hand but he wasn’t interested. Hilarious. I told them Charlie’s not allowed to have a girlfriend until he’s 18.

I’m sitting here holding my napping baby on a comfortable couch with a mug of coffee next to me feeling so grateful today for this life. I’ve been holding Charlie a little bit tighter every day after the terrible school shooting this week. The high school is about thirty minutes from our house so it has hit way too close to home. I have so many fears and what- if questions swirling around my head, especially working at a school and as a mother. I can’t even imagine what those families and kids are going through and am praying so hard that these fears can somehow be eased over the next few years. I don’t have any solutions, just the feeling that enough is enough. I just want to leave you with this quote from Mother Theresa, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

On that note, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of my long weekend with my family and friends. Counting my blessings over and over after this week of both love and the worse kind of hate. I hope you enjoy your weekend too!

the friday post – vol. 3

Well friends, we made it back to Friday again. And for us, pizza night. Our pizza has already been devoured, the baby is in bed and the olympics are on. Mike has been so sick this week (strep) which truly never happens, so we’re rejoicing this weekend because his health is on the mend. Nothing like a sickness to show you how much your partner really is your partner in all things. Doing life is just so much better with him.

This week was honestly kind of a blur. Did anything even happen?? Now that we’re at the end I feel like I don’t have anything noteworthy to share. Charlie did roll from his back to his belly for us last weekend and lots more through the week which is so fun. I think he also pooped or spit up on every single item of clothing he owns. So much laundry!

We’ve been toying this week with the idea of transitioning to the crib soon. We’re thinking about putting him to bed in the crib and then when he wakes up to eat, (usually around 1-2am) I can feed him and move him into the bassinet for the rest of the night. Might as well give it a shot to see how it goes! Winging it here.

I tried a new pizza dough recipe tonight that I probably wouldn’t do again. I’ve been using this Epicurious recipe for a couple years now which I love. It comes together in a food processor which makes it so easy and fast. But sad story – our food processor broke this past week in an unfortunate stove incident. For a few years before that I used Bobby Flay’s recipe which was good, but was a little bit chewier than we like. I’m on the hunt for a new recipe until we get a new food processor. Anyone have a good one?

We made it just under our $25 goal for groceries last week. I’ll share details in a couple weeks! First week was easy because we already had most of our pantry staples. This week may be harder as we need a few more things. Especially snacks!

We finished The Killing this week and will probably be glued to the Olympics as long as they’re on. I love figure skating and Mike’s favorite is short track speed skating. We’ll watch any of it though. We’re watching the opening ceremonies right now, although I have to say it’s probably the worst part of the Olympics. Just me?

It’s supposed to be in the 80s all weekend here, so we’re making tomorrow a vacation day. Hitting the beach, grilling out, drinks on the back porch, and putting off all our chores until Sunday. Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope you kick your feet up and enjoy! xx, em

the friday post – vol. 2


I did a bad thing this morning. I spilled coffee all over the floor this morning as I was running out the door to school, and I didn’t even clean it up. I left it on the ground for Mike to deal with. EEK! The whole week has been a little like that. It all passed in kind of a blur between sickness, business at work, and just general day to day chaos. We had this gigantic to-do at school on Thursday that required the library (and the entire school) to be both beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean. It went off without a hitch, thank goodness, so I feel like today was a little sigh of relief to end the week on.


We have zero plans for the weekend other than the normal things (grocery, cleaning, etc) which seems to be the common theme these days. Charlie’s cold is so much better. I had already made an appointment for him earlier this week, so I still swung by the doctor with him after school today to get checked out. They said that his cough is probably going to sound bad for a few days and to come in for a second check up next week. But basically. Just a standard baby cold here. Even though he’s better, we’re still probably going to lie low and hang out at home to get him lots of good naps and downtime. He just started rolling over at daycare, but not yet for us so *fingers crossed* we’ll get to see some rolls this weekend!


Did you see that we’re going to do $25 a week for groceries for the month of February? I’m so nervous about it. I feel like Mike and I may have some conflicts on what is truly necessary on our grocery list every week (“But I need ice cream this week.”) It’ll be a fun challenge to try though. All I know is that after January’s low carb challenge, I’m so incredibly excited for real pizza tonight.


I didn’t work out even once this week. I was so proud of myself last week, and this one? Zilch. We even got new tennis shoes last weekend. I’m obsessed with mine. But next week is another week and I’m hoping to get back on track. I made a deal with myself that once I drop another couple baby pounds I get new running shorts to go with the shoes. Mike keeps telling me I don’t need to lose anything which is sweet, butttttttt I’m still going to.


I’ve seen more than a few recipes that I want to try lately. Not least this show-off of an onion tarte tatin. I find reading recipes so relaxing, especially on food blogs. People that love to cook are my kind of people, and I love the little stories of life that pepper the pictures of food before the recipe. This perspective of mid-winter the writer shared with the tarte tatin I thought was nice, “The holidays have passed; everything has slowed down; my inbox is the cleanest it will be all year; my Pinterest boards are full of new ideas; I’m spending lots of time in the kitchen…” I always think that after the magic of Christmas, the year seems to stretch bleakly on until Spring Break, but that sentence made me shift my perspective a little bit. Other drool worthy recipes lately here, here and here.


What are you up to this weekend? Whatever your plans, I hope you kick up your feet, relax, and enjoy it! xx, em

the friday post – volume 1

I’m thinking that I’d to do a “Friday Post” each week with a few random pictures and highlights from the week that don’t quite fit anywhere, but that I’d like to share. I’m just making up my own rules here after all, aren’t I? Welcome to Volume 1!

Every week, like magic, a glorious Friday rolls around just like it did 7 days before and without fail I say how long the week felt. This week – no exception. Maybe it was staying home on Wednesday with Charlie? Maybe it was having nothing in particular going on this week? Maybe it was going to a training that gave me a glorious extra hour of sleep but also made my Friday work day an hour later than normal? Who knows. We have nothing in particular planned this weekend. Just a few drinks with our names written all over them, some cleaning around the house, and a big grocery run with as many fruits and veggies as we can find.


I committed myself to working out at least four days this week, and I think I’ll actually make it to five days if I convince Mike to take a family run tomorrow. We have the BOB stroller (Thank you, Fairy Godmother!) which has been amazing for our sidewalk-less, residential neighborhood. I’m trying not to burn out or kill my body, so I’ve been doing a combination of Tone It Up workouts, Yoga with Adriene videos, and runs with the Couch to 5k app (I’m on week 3). I’m planning to sign up for a 5k in March to keep me motivated and have something to work toward. My workout reward to myself is always a drink with dinner. All about the little victories here you guys.


Mike and I are already two weeks behind on The Bachelor – mainly because we’ve been watching The Killing on Netflix (we’re also not loving Arie so far). My sister sent me this article about Bach the other day and it made me laugh. “Sensual elf and awkward labrador.” Hilarious. But even our watching of The Killing has been abbreviated the last couple of days with a string of rough bedtimes with Charlie. We just started season two and I have the sinking feeling that it’s going to go a step too far into confusing and complicated for us. I’m already asking Mike, “Wait, what happened just now? Did I miss something?”


I’ve been slowly slugging my way through The Power on my lunch breaks. It’s SO good if you’re into dystopian books like Station Eleven. This one has a little bit of a sci-fi slant. I broke it to my mom that it’s probably not her kind of book, so maybe skip it doesn’t sound like your thing either. I’m finding it hard to find the time to read these days though. My main downtime right now is while nursing or pumping, and it turns out that scrolling through my phone is so much easier to do with my one free hand than holding a book. I wept while reading this article the other day on one of my nursing and browsing stints. Read it now if you’re a mother or ever want to be one. She just really hit the nail on the head. “Hold your baby—feel the way that tiny body strains to contain this giant soul—complete, and full of potential all at the same time.” That phrase will make me tear up every time.

What are you up to this weekend? Whatever your plans, I hope you kick up your feet, relax, and enjoy it! xx, em