the show i’ve been waiting a year for.


I read about pbs’s new show in July of last year, and I’ve been ticking off days on my calendar! The Great American Read finally debuted Tuesday night on pbs, and it was everything I had hoping for and more. Okay, okay. I did fall asleep about halfway through. It was two hours long! It’s hard for a tired schoolgirl mama to stay up that long! The list of 100 will be talked about in episodes over the next months, and voting will determine the number one Great American Read. I think it’s so fun! I love book hype.

I printed the list off in checklist form the other day so I could track what I had and hadn’t read. I’m embarrassed to say that I’d read not even half of the books. Some of the books included surprised me! The Notebook!? Gone Girl! FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!!? THE best?? I just don’t know. Harry Potter though – my number one as of right now. What do you think? You can vote for as many books as often as you want, and I’ve already gone in to vote for five or six. I haven’t even read them all, so it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around which one is going to be the best! I need to get reading this summer. 🙂 I may just have to do a few re-readings too! I’m trying to talk Mike into a couple’s book club with me, but I might have more luck convincing my mom of a mother-daughter club. Right, mom?

If you missed it – you can watch for free online here!

a funny thing we do…

On Sunday nights, we have a funny tradition. We don’t have cable, just an old school antennae that gets us some random channels, Fox (and NBC if you have them angled juuuuuuust right). When 8pm rolls around, we turn on Columbo. Yes, Columbo. The old school detective. We used to put it on for lack of any better options, but I’ve grown to look forward to our weekly Columbo episode. Have you ever seen it? They always show the crime at the beginning so you know who did it. They always think they’ve committed the perfect untraceable crime. But Columbo always solves it! Every episode he brings up Mrs. Columbo (who we’ve never actually met in an episode) which makes us laugh. What do you watch on Sunday nights? Do you have any funny little weekend traditions?

Can’t believe tomorrow is Monday already. We had such a fun weekend which I’ll share photos of tomorrow. Going to be looking forward to the next one all week. ☺️