first mother’s day.

My heart is so full after the sweetest weekend with my two boys. I’m feeling spoiled!

Mike sent me off to have my nails done on Saturday while he snuck to the store with Charlie to pick up groceries for the most delicious Mother’s Day dinner. I’m fairly no frills when it comes to self-care, but getting pedicures is my guilty little pleasure. I only go if Mike sets it up for me for a special occasion or if my mom is in town. 🙂 The last time I got a pedicure, I was 42 weeks pregnant (natural induction attempt 548), so it was such a thoughtful treat. Saturday night we went out for ice cream on the beach with the happiest baby on earth. I had blueberry, Mike, salted caramel. We shared little bites with Charlie and he would’ve eaten the whole cup if we had let him! Rain fell all through the day on Sunday so after Facetimes with both of our moms, we headed to the Norton Museum of Art, our favorite rainy day outing. Charlie’s first visit! He wore his Eric Carle “I Love Mom” hungry caterpillar shirt and everyone commented on what a handsome, sweet boy we have which warmed my mama heart. The Norton is undergoing some major renovations, so open now are only a couple wings of their permanent art collections. The perfect size for a six month old art newbie, and a nice no-fuss outing for our little family. It was my one Mother’s Day request since it clearly was not panning out to be a beach day. Our dinner was amazing. We had an appetizer of shrimp with St. Elmo’s cocktail sauce. Mike made the steak on the cast iron skillet (rain!) and it was so so tender that I think it may be our new favorite way to make steak rather than the grill. Asparagus, smashed red potatoes, and mushrooms cooked in butter topped it all off. My mouth is still watering. And the best part? I didn’t lift a finger. Mike did it all while I played on the floor with our little man and drank my wine. 🙂 Best Mother’s Day ever. The first of what I hope will be many homemade Mother’s Day gifts. 🙂 I hope each and every mom was spoiled rotten on Sunday. You deserve it!

easter sunday.


We celebrated our first Easter with Charlie on Sunday! His little outfit killed me. So cute. (Thanks Gigi!) Isn’t there something just so significant about Easter? Other than the religious significance, of course. Easter just feels like the beginning of another season of life. The ending of Lent is such a breath of fresh air. For me Lent has always been this solemn time of sacrifice and holding back. No eating between meals, giving up chocolate or alcohol, cutting back on social media, going to church an extra day a week? I didn’t actually do any of those things this year! I heard tell that nursing mothers are held to a different standard. 😂 But I feel like after Easter, spring just blossoms, the school year flies by, then summer begins and helloooo fun. 

Charlie looks so sad in this picture. He was not happy with the cold egg. Since moving to Florida, we’ve been in the habit of celebrating Easter with just the two of us at home. It’s not a holiday that we have enough time to travel for, so we’ve made our own little traditions that we pulled from our childhoods – dyeing eggs, roast chicken, deviled eggs, potato salad.

It was so fun to have Charlie with us this year. It’s hard to believe that we’ve made a round through nearly all the holidays with him already!


We started the day bright and early (as usual) with coffee and Entenmann’s cream cheese coffee cake. I decided that Entenmann’s should be a new Easter tradition. It’s something mike and I both love but rarely indulge in. (I have visions of Charlie telling people “And on Easter, we eat Entenmann’s!”) After our breakfast, we made our way to church.

Then came dyeing eggs, peep eating, family dinner (Charlie had sweet potatoes), and strawberry shortcake after the little one was put to bed.

And next year Charlie will be big enough to Easter egg hunt which will be so so fun. This year was pretty fun too. ☺️

happy love day!

We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s day with much other than a kiss and an acknowledgement that we love each other which is more than enough for me. But Mike got me red tulips this weekend as an early valentine which have been giving me warm and fuzzies all week. I love roses, but tulips are so cheery with their lanky stems and long, full leaves.

My policy with flowers is always that more rooms filled are better than filling one vase very full. I scatter single blooms or a couple in small jars around the whole house. One next to the bed, one on the mantle, a few on the table, a couple on the coffee table, and maybe one standing on a windowsill. Seeing them in every room in the house makes my heart happy. Love you, forever valentine.  You’re sweeter than chocolate. 🙂