out & about: at the pumpkin patch

We had the most glorious fall pumpkin filled weekend, trip to the pumpkin patch included. If I’m being completely honest, I was very distracted the whole trip by how hot it was. I couldn’t even look at the apple cider donuts! That part was unfortunate. BUT Charlie loving the pumpkins made it totally worth the trip! He also really loved picking up and examining every piece of hay lining the rows of pumpkins. His little face and the way he’s holding his dada’s hand in these pictures just makes me smile.

This place is always insane crowded when we make our annual exodus. I’m talking parking a mile away and walking kind of crowded. But we got smart this year and went right when they open at 9am. We got a reasonable parking spot, and only needed to eat one popsicle! We stayed just long enough for some pictures, a popsicle under the tiki hut, and to find the perfect little pumpkin to take home. It’s sitting in the middle of our kitchen table and will stay there until Thanksgiving – or until it gets soft. Whichever comes first. 🙂

In case you find yourself in the neighborhood: 

Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market



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