the friday post – vol. 8

Hi friends! Is it just me or has a week has never gone by so fast? I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s the weekend again. I know I know – it’s not Friday. But I just couldn’t quite get it together enough to post this last night. Last night we were busy throwing together our traditional Friday pizza and fell asleep on the couch watching Netflix at like 9:30pm. haha. We’re planning a dinner out at a hipster little taco place tonight so I’m looking forward to a casual date night…with Charlie. (Really need to find a sitter still)

I do just think that this week really flew by. I feel like while having classes in the library has made me feel a whole lot more busy and a tad bit overbooked – it’s also given me a rush of inspiration and reignited my passion for making the library a welcoming place for kids to learn to love reading. Yesterday I sat on a table in the library reading aloud A Wrinkle in Time with fifth graders scattered around me at other tables, in bean bags and sprawled on the carpet. (One even sitting in my storytime rocking chair) You could hear a pin drop. By Friday, I had read the same parts of the story aloud to four other fifth grade classes so I had my Mrs. Whatsit creaky old voice down and practically had the passages memorized so I could make a premium amount of eye contact. It was like it hit me, “Oh. Okay. This is pretty alright for a job.”

Charlie started sitting on his own this week and slept through the night once more! Little by little were getting to the point where Charlie seems like a real little kid and then the next he’s still this tiny baby so new to the world. It’s a nice combination.

I told Mike that I wanted to start trying one new meal every week (when inspiration hits) and he hesitantly agreed. Sweet potato tacos this week were a hit! Charlie’s been loooooving sweet potatoes so we already had some laying around. Pickled onions, heavily seasoned sweet potatoes roasted in the oven, black beans and a few slices of avocado made for an easy weeknight meal that I could totally see us making again. This week I’m trying melting potatoes which I’ve heard are amazing.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope you kick your feet up and enjoy!! Xx, em.