a (first) trip to the library.

I’m embarrassed to admit (as a librarian) that it’s taken five months for me to get Charlie to a library. I’m even more embarrassed to admit that this trip wasn’t even an intentional “Charlie needs to visit the library” visit. It was a trip for my own selfish purposes!

I’m knee deep in library lesson planning. While yes, I’m a school librarian, for the past three years I have had the luxury of being on a flexible schedule during the school day. This means I’m not a “Special.” Teachers can arrange weekly times to visit the library for their students to get books, but not every teacher has chosen to take advantage of the opportunity. This has left me ample time to do book ordering, teacher requests for books, clubs, random administrative tasks, etc. Well, all that has come to a screeching halt. I’ve become very “Special” in the afternoon. Meaning I’ve been in furious flurry of lesson planning and scrambling to get things together for classes beginning in the library this week. Long story short – I needed some books for my storytime that the school library didn’t have. So off we went to the public library this past weekend, dragging Charlie (and Mike) with me. And on the way there, as Mike was saying he would wait in the car with Charlie while I ran in. We realized – it was Charlie’s first library visit! Ack! So out came Charlie into the library to visit the Children’s section and to read a few books with his papa while I hunted down my books for storytime. Only one librarian made him cry – and it wasn’t me!

So there you have it. Charlie’s sweet first visit to the public library. Just the first of many!