the friday post – vol. 6

My spring break with Charlie went by far too fast. Between naps, feedings, garden projects and the hunt for a new couch I feel like it just slipped right through my fingers. Now Monday is staring me in the face by the distance of just a couple days. I feel like mike worked extra long and hard this week so I’m at least looking forward to a sweet weekend with my favorite man.

The week marked the first of spring although it’s felt like spring all winter here. Spring to us in Florida just means that the unbearably hot, “must be at the beach or in a/c, eating watermelon and burgers every day while swatting mosquitos” kind of weather is almost upon us. Last summer, while growing bigger by the day in pregnancy, I spent lots of daytime hours on the couch in the air conditioning. I think that having Charlie around will get us outdoors to the park, to the beach and to our yard way more. I’m on the hunt for some new breezy outfits to get me through the summer months.

I just started listening to The Shack on audiobook this week. It feels like an appropriate listen as lent comes to an end. It’s about a man whose young daughter was abducted and years later he spends a weekend at a shack with God. I’m only in the first parts so far but it’s making me think a lot.

Mike’s parents are set to arrive next week for their spring break so I’m in a flurry of cleanup this weekend. Dusting, mopping, sweeping, sheet washing, weeding, cookie baking, etc. It’s such a refreshing feeling when it’s all done. My garden project turned out beautifully this week. Making the front look so nice makes the rest of the yard look like it’s needs a good once over now too. Never ending projects!

What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun? Happy Friday all! Enjoy your weekends!!

2 thoughts on “the friday post – vol. 6

  1. Hi Emily. So happy that you have enjoyed your vacation. I have loved the sweet pictures you have posted of Charlie. He looks like a real cuddle bug. Scott and I just arrived in Chicago. We are seeing Hamilton tonight and eating at Everest tomorrow evening. Sunny skies and coat weather here today. Snow is on the way in Indiana. Sending Easter Blessings to all.



    1. Happy spring break to you!! I’m so jealous that you’re seeing Hamilton. I’ve heard how amazing it is! I’ll pray for a sunny weekend for you in the Windy City!


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