an herb garden


Charlie and I dug out the little garden bed in front of our house yesterday as one of my spring break projects. Today I’m heading to the garden store to pick up some topsoil and herbs to plant. We used to have these leafy little plants out there that just didn’t look great, but let’s be real, having nothing out there looks even worse. I’m loving the idea of having some functional but still attractive plants in front. Fresh herbs can’t be beat. They should do well in the space too. They’ll be in part shade most of the day. I’ve tried gardening here in the past, but just can’t quite get the hang of the seasons in Florida (mildly hot to extremely deathly hot). I may even let Mike plant a pineapple, which is probably the only thing he has ever requested to plant at our house. I’ll share photos once it’s all done! Right now it just looks…dirty. 🙂 High of 90 here today! Charlie and I are headed out for a walk, a nap, and then off to the garden store. Spring Break Day 2 commence!!

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