the friday post – vol. 5

c5113b95-942c-427b-b933-8a54cea82d86Oh me, oh my! It’s Friday! Hooray! It’s a very special Friday for me because it’s the Friday that officially begins SPRING BREAK! We’ve had a whirlwind of a few weeks with an unexpected trip to Pittsburgh for a funeral (Mike’s grandpa), the stomach flu for Charlie, and I don’t even know what else. So I’m playing a little bit of catch up here on this little old spot on the inter webs .


Our weather has been absolutely divine the last few weeks. The air is crisp in the morning and in the evenings, but still warm enough to hit the beach during the day. We have been loving it. Spending as much time outside as we can. The trip up to Pittsburgh (brr) made us a little more thankful for our weather, so we’ve been taking serious advantage. Not to mention daylight savings! That extra bit of sun just really makes a difference for walks after dinner and back porch hangs.


Charlie’s going to be 5 months old next week which is hard to believe. He has such a fun little smiley personality. We lucked out. He’s started solids now (loves avocado, isn’t sure about sweet potato) which is such a fun adventure. Still going strong on nursing too! I’m making all our baby food which I LOVE. Totally my kind of thing.

March madness has started so I’m sure I’ll be doing lots of reading the next few weeks. I’ve started getting ebooks on my phone which has really upped my book intake! I can read a book on my phone while nursing, pumping, holding Charlie much easier than a real book. I’ll always prefer the print version, but these days it’s just nice to be able to read one way or another.

We don’t have any concrete plans for spring break! I’m taking a test for my teacher certification on Wednesday, planning on deep cleaning a few rooms in the house, a couple beach trips, getting a passport for Charlie, and a whole lot of happy hours. Perfection. Why go anywhere when we live in a spring break destination anyway? Happy Friday all! Enjoy your weekends!

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