the friday post – vol. 3

Well friends, we made it back to Friday again. And for us, pizza night. Our pizza has already been devoured, the baby is in bed and the olympics are on. Mike has been so sick this week (strep) which truly never happens, so we’re rejoicing this weekend because his health is on the mend. Nothing like a sickness to show you how much your partner really is your partner in all things. Doing life is just so much better with him.

This week was honestly kind of a blur. Did anything even happen?? Now that we’re at the end I feel like I don’t have anything noteworthy to share. Charlie did roll from his back to his belly for us last weekend and lots more through the week which is so fun. I think he also pooped or spit up on every single item of clothing he owns. So much laundry!

We’ve been toying this week with the idea of transitioning to the crib soon. We’re thinking about putting him to bed in the crib and then when he wakes up to eat, (usually around 1-2am) I can feed him and move him into the bassinet for the rest of the night. Might as well give it a shot to see how it goes! Winging it here.

I tried a new pizza dough recipe tonight that I probably wouldn’t do again. I’ve been using this Epicurious recipe for a couple years now which I love. It comes together in a food processor which makes it so easy and fast. But sad story – our food processor broke this past week in an unfortunate stove incident. For a few years before that I used Bobby Flay’s recipe which was good, but was a little bit chewier than we like. I’m on the hunt for a new recipe until we get a new food processor. Anyone have a good one?

We made it just under our $25 goal for groceries last week. I’ll share details in a couple weeks! First week was easy because we already had most of our pantry staples. This week may be harder as we need a few more things. Especially snacks!

We finished The Killing this week and will probably be glued to the Olympics as long as they’re on. I love figure skating and Mike’s favorite is short track speed skating. We’ll watch any of it though. We’re watching the opening ceremonies right now, although I have to say it’s probably the worst part of the Olympics. Just me?

It’s supposed to be in the 80s all weekend here, so we’re making tomorrow a vacation day. Hitting the beach, grilling out, drinks on the back porch, and putting off all our chores until Sunday. Whatever your plans are this weekend, I hope you kick your feet up and enjoy! xx, em