the friday post – vol. 2


I did a bad thing this morning. I spilled coffee all over the floor this morning as I was running out the door to school, and I didn’t even clean it up. I left it on the ground for Mike to deal with. EEK! The whole week has been a little like that. It all passed in kind of a blur between sickness, business at work, and just general day to day chaos. We had this gigantic to-do at school on Thursday that required the library (and the entire school) to be both beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean. It went off without a hitch, thank goodness, so I feel like today was a little sigh of relief to end the week on.


We have zero plans for the weekend other than the normal things (grocery, cleaning, etc) which seems to be the common theme these days. Charlie’s cold is so much better. I had already made an appointment for him earlier this week, so I still swung by the doctor with him after school today to get checked out. They said that his cough is probably going to sound bad for a few days and to come in for a second check up next week. But basically. Just a standard baby cold here. Even though he’s better, we’re still probably going to lie low and hang out at home to get him lots of good naps and downtime. He just started rolling over at daycare, but not yet for us so *fingers crossed* we’ll get to see some rolls this weekend!


Did you see that we’re going to do $25 a week for groceries for the month of February? I’m so nervous about it. I feel like Mike and I may have some conflicts on what is truly necessary on our grocery list every week (“But I need ice cream this week.”) It’ll be a fun challenge to try though. All I know is that after January’s low carb challenge, I’m so incredibly excited for real pizza tonight.


I didn’t work out even once this week. I was so proud of myself last week, and this one? Zilch. We even got new tennis shoes last weekend. I’m obsessed with mine. But next week is another week and I’m hoping to get back on track. I made a deal with myself that once I drop another couple baby pounds I get new running shorts to go with the shoes. Mike keeps telling me I don’t need to lose anything which is sweet, butttttttt I’m still going to.


I’ve seen more than a few recipes that I want to try lately. Not least this show-off of an onion tarte tatin. I find reading recipes so relaxing, especially on food blogs. People that love to cook are my kind of people, and I love the little stories of life that pepper the pictures of food before the recipe. This perspective of mid-winter the writer shared with the tarte tatin I thought was nice, “The holidays have passed; everything has slowed down; my inbox is the cleanest it will be all year; my Pinterest boards are full of new ideas; I’m spending lots of time in the kitchen…” I always think that after the magic of Christmas, the year seems to stretch bleakly on until Spring Break, but that sentence made me shift my perspective a little bit. Other drool worthy recipes lately here, here and here.


What are you up to this weekend? Whatever your plans, I hope you kick up your feet, relax, and enjoy it! xx, em